Bonsai Tool Sharpening Set

by Evolution Bonsai on August 30, 2012

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Sharp… we all want to be sharp. And with bonsai tools, sharpness means a tool cuts cleanly without damaging the plant tissue. This sharpening tool set gives you all you need to keep your tools in optimal condition.
Bonsai Tool Sharpening Set

Start with a quick deburr of the blade with this diamond grit steel. This will get the edge clean and ready to sharpen.

Then, we recommend using this fine Japanese water stone to sharpen the blade because it is softer than western style stones and therefore continually exposes a fresh, sharp surface to the tool’s edge. The Japanese stones do not get glazed or loaded with the material they are sharpening. New particles are constantly exposed as you work with the stone, and thus they continue to sharpen consistently. Also, soft stones can be lubricated effectively with water rather than oil, so nothing but a bucket of water is required. Finally, the worn material and the water will help sharpen and polishes the blade.

Using the water stone is easy. Thoroughly wet the stone by soaking it in water. Because water evaporates quickly, you’ll need to keep the stone wet during the sharpening process by periodically applying more water to the stone surface.

Made in Japan.


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